Synapse is the first in market case share and consultation platform in Turkey. Being first in market requires UX consultancy and quality software vendor, therefore Synapse partnered with Rotros to provide smooth experiences to its users.

Medical Cases With Full Aspects

Doctors can share their cases with multiple images or videos. Image or video editing tools we developed provide them many advantages like hiding patient face, marking suspected body parts, making unrelated areas blurred, etc. They can also share related illnesses, conditions, urgency situations. Doctor tagging feature makes sure that the doctors involved in the case are also emphasised. Cases can be shared in a timeline which shows how illness is developing or how case is evolving.

Real Time Consultation on Private or Group Chat

Doctors can take advantage of private or group chat when they need consult about case. Sharing case, private image or video on chat enable them solve the case in a very short period or discuss about further actions. Unresolved cases could be discussed on group chat whose participants are located across the whole country or even around the world. Doctors can invite other doctors who specialize on the subject even they don't know each other.

Image & Video Editing

Patient identity should be kept secret, therefore we implemented special image & video editing tools according to medical needs. Doctors can hide their patient's face, mark suspected areas, edit video duration, zoom specific parts, etc. Easy to use user interface make them deal with these all editing under 10 seconds.

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