PERYÖN is the first and only people management association in Turkey. It leads the development of human resources and people management concepts in Turkey and works with private & public sector, regulators and academia to improve the industry standarts. Being such a big association requires complicated business processes on memberships, magazines, educations, etc. To solve all sophisticated processes effectively and reliably PERYÖN chose to work with Rotros.

costumer data CRM

Customer Data In All Aspects

All delegates of corporate customers, individual customers, annual fee payments, contact information, special notes, audit history, approval information etc. are presented on a single user friendly page. Therefore, PERYÖN CRM users can find all information that they are looking for easily and does not have to navigate to another page.

Activities Management

All association related business acitivies like education, activity, magazine, etc. registration and their payments are managed in one place. Participants can pay their registration fee online with POS payment. Also, transactions sent via bank transfer can also be processed.

peryön activities management
peryön cms

Fully Managed Content With CMS

All pages are created, edited and published by PERYÖN users in just few minutes. Flexible and smooth editable experience provide them manage their content simpler and more delightful.

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