Moyra is the largest astrology platform in Turkey in terms of followers on Instagram and has 3 million+ unique page visitors per month. To provide more effective and better services to their user base, Moyra chose Rotros to design and develop a mobile platform.

Personalized Horoscopes

Unlike traditional horoscopes, all daily horoscopes are personalized to user according their birth date, birth time, birth city and living city information. There is no common written horoscope on just their zodiac signs. Special horoscope algorithms are always taking consideration of user's birth chart.

Real Time Chat With Astrologer

Users might have many questions about their relationships, friendships, future events or even professional career. Moyra leveraged Rotros' real time chat framework in order to provide private 1:1 chat between astrologer and user. All payments are made through chat screen seamlessly without extra effort. Users only have to write what they have on their mind and astrologer will write what planets telling them. Simple as that! No need to deal with other technical stuff.

Pre-answered Questions

We have identified some of the obvious questions that people usually ask or wonder on our analysis phase. Therefore, we have implemented pre-answered questions with the amazing algorithms we have developed by cooperating with Moyra. Users can get answers of "When I will get married?", "What is our love compatibility?", "Is he/she right person for me?", "How loyal is he/she?" etc. questions with just only one tap.

Our Work




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